Thursday, April 10, 2008


Sorry for yesterdays long post, it was something I had written a while ago.

I might do a few posts on discipleship.

Heres some photos from a walk we went on the other day, there was a guy who had been fishing for octopus and in 2 hours he had caught 15!

Tracy picked them up she's not really a wimp but they were extremely heavy.


The Greek word for disciple is "Mathetes" which means "one who learns instruction from another". It was used in the everyday Greek world as the word for an apprentice to a tradesman. A disciple was not only a pupil but someone who copied what their boss did, hence they were spoken of as imitators of their teachers.

A Christian disciple would be a person who is determined to follow Jesus, someone who wants to learn from Him and copy him. A Christian disciple should hopefully be an imitator of their teacher, Jesus. 

What does that look like in todays changing culture? In essence it shouldn't have changed much but it has been influenced by the style of teachers and leaders throughout the centuries. Becoming an imitator of Christ has been affected by training methods, control issues, organisational structures, church style, theology and cultural influences. None of which are wrong but we would be kidding ourselves to think that what we do now is best or what we do in the future will be any better. We just have to find a way to disciple that produces fruit in our generation.

This is challenging, I will try to unpick it in short sections over the next few days.

Thanks for the inspiration Mimou


Mark Robins said...

I thought that last post was excellent! The other side of the challenge is not to start believing that you're actually as wonderful as people say you are, for that way disaster lies...

Mimosa said...

yey! :)