Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The breath before the plunge

After much stress and lots of prayer, we have today almost finished our rooms. They open tomorrow!!!!

Plasma screen is mounted, wii and xbox installed, wireless internet is set up, curtains are hung. We even have enough money for a third computer, which we will buy this week. The actual prayer room was finished weeks ago all the finishing touches are now in place. The pool table even looks great.

We are now just going through the usual pressure of "will people come??" but we know that they will. Last year we had 15 - 20 people a day popping in.

Tracy, Bruce and Helen are going out on the streets tonight, I'm looking after the boys and will be going out tomorrow night. I have a mixture of excitement and nervousness. People are very kind and responsive as we wander around, they are generally up for a bit of prayer or just love to chat. We try not to talk to the PR's for long as they are busy, these guys are friendly people, but we don't want to abuse their friendliness. Hopefully we will get to know many of them this year as they pop in and use our centre.

It's been a great winter getting ready with our new building as always any new step can feel strange.

I love how Gandalf expresses it, he says it's "the breath before the plunge". Thats how every new season feels for us, one final gulp of air and before you know it you are in and swimming. Probably no different to anyone else who works in the west end.

Well here goes

Roll on tomorrow..............


Emily said...

Wow Brian!! I'm so excited for everyone!!! Hope everything goes really well as you start with the new prayer room - can't wait to see it in full swing in August!!

Praying for you all

Anonymous said...

go for it mate, as a fellow worker I think what you guys do is great. Phil

Anonymous said...

Awesome!!!!!!!!! You go! I'll be praying.

EilĂ­s said...


and another of my favourites from the wizard:

All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.