Thursday, May 15, 2008

Training ON

You can check out a talk I gave at Southampton by clicking here, i feel it wasn't one of my best. I went a little off message and got a little to aggressive. When trying to engage in intelligent conversation there is no need to be rude. I think I went that way a little towards the end of my talk.

I really enjoy articles by Simon Barnes who writes for the times, he wrote a great one the other day about Andrew Murray and training on read the full article here

Here's a snippet "Racing people call it “training on”. And it's precisely what's not happening to Andy Murray. Training on is the process of turning promise into achievement, turning precocity into maturity. You are no longer eye-catching, you are the one everybody was already looking at.

And in horses and people both, the process is as much about mood and nature and temperament as about physique and experience. A horse that trains on changes its view of the world, settles down, becomes more assured, is more relaxed about the training process and more effective at the business of producing his best on the track.

That's not anthropomorphism, that's training."

It led me to think about the areas I have just started to accept in my life, the habits I have, the mood swings, the grumpy mornings, how I have come to accept these when actually I need to train on.

Also with the out and about preaching etc.. I need to train on with my communication skills, I always listen to my own talks. Not as an ego trip but so that I can work out what was going wrong and how to improve them. I feel recently i have not prepared properly for talks. So got keep training on.

Anyway Training On is a phrase that is knocking around in my head at the moment, I'm trying to make a few changes to how i live my life.

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Eilís said...

good brian!

lately this 'changing promise into achievement, turning precocity into maturity' has been a struggle for me, but using the concept of training is understandable.