Monday, May 26, 2008

Florida outpouring, Lakeland revival, Todd Bentley

I have only questions?

I don't have a perspective or a veiw point that does not come laden with my own baggage.

A friend gave me some very useful links.

Terry Virgos perspective is very balanced.

There's some good debate amongst emergent post charismatic types here.

Some more good stuff here.

My views are not the views of 24-7prayer! Just personal opinion.

I'd like to hear of the Azerbaijan outpouring!

If it's God it's God. Who am I to question His methods.

If we are not into it or moved by it and don't feel particularly led to hold our own outpouring service, then we shouldn't be made to feel bad or any lesser of a christian. I don't want to succumb to Christian peer pressure yet have to hold that with the tension of not being too blind to see.

I am praying for the guys at Lakeland more and more.

My prayer is that that what is happening there would propel the church out into mission. Weirdly I worry about carbon footprints from all the travelers and wonder if the money they spend on flights would be better used feeding the poor, especially if they can just touch the TV screen and get the power. Invitations to "come and get it" can only really be taken up by people with money for flights and hotel bills, that instantly cuts out quite a large swathe of people.

Would this be happening if it wasn't televised? Hence my question about Azerbaijan.

When does the revival finish and the marvelous GODtv coverage end? Is it a circuitous feeding circle? Would someone be brave enough to not film it for a week?

What does the term revival mean? I take it that it has multiple meanings.........


kiwipaddy said...

or multiple meetings! televised, preferably. with lots of donations ... passive recipients at home watching replays over and over again oblivious to the real world...

revival?: God-inspired, Spirit-led, action-based ... if we must have it at all.

isn't revival just harking back to the good 'ol days ... did they ever exist in the first place?

another kiwi (not paddy) said...

good thoughts and questions brian.

dave wiggins said...

this is not the opinion of my family or friends but i think the whole thing is a big fat farce bam shakalak!

Anonymous said...

Are you sure this is not the opinion of 24-7prayer? You guys seem to hold to a monastic, celtic, anglican style with much emphasis on the "social" gospel. I may be wrong but I guess the charismatic style which includes works of power and manifestations of His glorious presence does not sit to well with an organisation that spans so many denominations. I have also detected from your previous writings a contempt for God TV, even though they are brothers and sisters in the Lord, why is 24-7prayer not on God Tv like IHOP? Please I know that your readers can sometimes attack people like me but I am genuinely coming from an interested perspective! I would love to hear more of your thoughts on where the whole 24-7 prayer organisations sit with this whole thing?

Anonymous said...

What Todd says about Angels visitation. Have those Angels tried?

Lauren & Mick said...

I'm glad to hear your thoughts Brian, I've been quite unsure what to think coz of all the hype that is surrounding it.
I think that they should just stick to the term 'outpouring',if they want to label it anything. Revival insinuates that the whole of Lakeland (well, not just Lakeland!!!) are turning to Christ & repenting, and that there is drastic social change happening!
Don't really know what else to say...I'm just searching for Jesus in the midst of it.