Thursday, May 29, 2008

My son was in bed last night and I had to quickly run upstairs to get something out of my room. Whilst I was in my room he came storming in and said very angrily and grumpily "How can you expect me to get to sleep if you are going to run up the stairs so loudly" he then stormed out and slammed the door!

Now my first reaction was to chase after him, tell him off and give him a slap, my second reaction was to laugh (which I did) but my third reaction was "Oh No! he has become like me!!!"

We often worry about becoming like our parents but what about when our children become like us?

Hope you like the picture of the one who slammed the door, I like to think that I once looked like him, and I pray he never ends up looking like me!


Hannah said...

That was very familiar to read ;)

Despite Lottie only being two and a half, she tries her hand at a lot of things which mummy does.

She even tries to switch on the DVD player. However, she's not mastered it yet and almost always has a tantrum which ends in her slamming the DVD cupboard doors over and over again.

I must admit that if something didn't go right for me I used to want to smash it to pieces too! DVD players especially ;)

Ian Coates said...

You know i'm not really a praying kinda guy Brian, but if that's what it takes to make sure Ellis doesn't grow up to look like you i'll give it a go!