Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Busy times

We have had 20 people a day use the centre this week, which has been excellent. Some have popped into the prayer room and we have started to see prayers fill our walls which is great.

I've just got in from a night on the westend, it's 5.50am so I'm just doing a little wind down blog before I go to sleep. The sun is coming up and birds are singing. We started to leave the centre at 3.50am but then we bumped into a scantily dressed young lady who was totally lost and couldn't remember her hotel, we spent over an hour with her trying to find it, but it didn't work out so the police kindly took her back with them to let her get a kip and sort out where she lives in the morning. She was so vulnerable.

Whilst this was happening we found another guy asleep in a chair, if we had left him he would have got robbed, once he had puked a bit we took him to his hotel and got him sorted. Earlier in the evening we took another girl home who had been robbed!

In all honesty I prefer quiet evenings and busy days in the centre, it's not very pleasant to see people in such a mess. But we helped where we could and 3 people are sleeping safely tonight, which is kind of satisfying.

We have a team of 8 people from N.Ireland working with us at the minute, they are a great bunch and fun to have around.

I keep thinking about the words Jesus once said 'I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.'

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Hannah said...

And they'll never forget your kind gestures.

You know, I once puked on a policeman's shoes! Honest! It wasn't due to alcohol though...tomato soup on a train which didn't agree with me and made a swift exit at the station....just outside the resident bobby's office ;)