Tuesday, May 20, 2008

This a great picture of my friend Lisa we are flying along in 20 knot winds, it's a little bumpy and she falls asleep!

I think it reflects something deeper probably touching on my post on peace. My faith has given me an undercurrent of peace, life can be flying along very fast and it can even get a little bumpy but in the midst of it I feel I have peace.

When I was a young boy growing up in Northern Ireland we used to sing this song in Sunday school, "With Christ in the vessel We can smile at the storm" when life is tough and stormy we don't really smile at the storm and it often feels like the storm will never pass. However I get this sense of reassurance when it is stormy that at least He is in the boat with me.

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Mark Robins said...

I accompanied my 5 year old daughter on a Church visit the other day and heard that song for the first time. I thought, "What ARE you going on about??" Smile at the storm?? Smile?? No. Or it's not a storm is it? It really annoys me when we encourage that sort of smiley faced non-reality Christianity. When it's bad it's BAD but He is with us in it, and we cling on to Him, sometimes by the tips of our fingers.