Saturday, May 17, 2008

We have been out on the streets for 2 nights, we haven't picked up any drunks yet and it has rained so it's been kind of quiet, although it has made for a good opportunity to tell people about the drop in centre.

This has also been opened for 2 days, the first day we had 2 guys from the restaurant opposite come in and play a game of pool. I was a little disheartened but it was a slow burner last year and took a while for it to build, actually I got quite depressed and on Thursday had the usual doubts of "have we got it wrong? etc"

Then yesterday we had loads more workers drop in to use the computers which was great, the wii has also proved a real hit people love playing it. A couple of people have popped into the prayer room and everybody has commented on how lovely the two rooms are, so I feel a lot better. Remaining confident is a state of mind that I don't always achieve!

We were able to offer prayer for a worker the other night and it was great to hook up with loads of old friends from last year. One guy even gave me a great big hug when he saw me, it took me a little by surprise, but it was great.

Funny thing happened; we were walking along at about 2.30am when two blond girls in short skirts and bright red tans walked by eating chips, they both said "hola" and I said "hola" back. They then turned and said "we are English really" it just made me laugh, I wasn't fooled for a minute, how many blond lobster pink, short skirted, chip eating Spaniards do you see walking about in the west end at 2.30? Obviously they thought they had assimilated and blended into Spanish culture so much!

Everyone loves a trier..........

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Hannah said...

Ha ha! You should have said, 'Oh, for a minute I thought you were Welsh/Scottish/Irish'. No offence intended against W/S/I you understand! Either that or the good old fashined, 'You're not kidding!'

I have also been feeling down in the dumps due to the lack of footfall. Given I've had to survive the winter on a wage fit for a slug, I am in desperate need for custom.

It's hard to not think about it isn't it? Will it won't it be a success? Deep breath ;)