Saturday, May 17, 2008

Mexico calling

My friend Kelly works in a de-regulated prostitution zone in Mexico, just outside of that walled zone called Boys Town, she is building a centre.

I got this from the 24-prayer website

The Boys Town Community Centre has been a dream project of Kelly’s and seemed out of reach until last year when the Mexican authorities granted her permission to own land and build on it. The centre will host a small residential community of Christians and will hopefully include a prayer room, a day/night care centre for the children of Boys Town, a medical centre and a place to hang out in a safe environment with the men and women Kelly is befriending.

"A couple of weeks ago, I found a woman in Boys Town who was at least 90 years old and had been living in there for more than 50 years. She was completely unable to care for herself and was wearing diapers that were not changed very often. She could not feed herself or walk. I was overcome with emotion upon finding her. We were able to find a place at a nearby nursing home for her, but she died the morning she was scheduled to leave. Her name was Josefina, and it breaks my heart that her life went unnoticed by so many."

"I am in desperate need of a long-term team here. If I had more people here, we could possibly have taken Josefina into our home temporarily, and simply read the Bible to her, brushed her hair, and listen to her talk about better days. We could have shared the love of Jesus with her. The wonderful Emily Sengel will be here in October, and she has committed for two years. But when I think of all the work that is to be done here, I know we will need more than just lovely Emily, Wes, his wife, and myself. At the moment, I could begin a night care facility for children if I only had more people to help. I know of at least two mothers who would be incredibly grateful. I’m praying for God to send me people who are willing to commit for at least two years and who have a heart for the people of Boys Town and are able to, or are willing to learn Spanish. If you feel this might be you then email us, we’d love to chat with you.”

Maybe it could be you, if your the praying kind pray for Kelly and all she does.

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