Tuesday, June 03, 2008


This my 500th post! I didn't think I had it in me I guess I am more opinionated than I thought...

Now I am under pressure to write something deep, actually I am only under as much pressure as I put on myself. I wrote something deep the other day for the 24-7prayer website you can read it HERE

After going to bed at 5.30 am I woke at 8am and then again at 11am, I couldn't get back to sleep so now I have managed just over 5 hours of crappy sleep. Such is life. I am out on the streets again in another 2 hours which will be tough, but it's the life I choose.

I have had a little surprise today, at Christmas my weight went up to 16 stone (101 kilos) and today for the first time in ages I went below 15 to 14.8 stone (94 kilos), another 5 kilos to go but I felt so good about myself I had some chocolate. The worst thing is eating at 4 in the morning something I did a lot last year to give me the energy to get through the last few hours. I have to have will power and resist or find a healthy and easy to buy energy booster. Fried chicken probably isn't that healthy.


EilĂ­s said...

good work Brian! keep at it, you're nearly there.

yeah, fried chicken probably isn't helping. :)

JILL BOYD said...

You're the man!

kiwipaddy said...

congrats! woohoo!