Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Wayne Rooney!

I saw Wayne Rooney tonight, he was in a bar drinking with friends and surrounded by security, so no photos. We wanted to get him to fill in a prayer request, I wonder what he would have put down?

I felt like a bit of a celebrity chaser, I'm not really into staring at famous people and feel they should be left alone to enjoy life. Although tonight we went specifically to this bar just to have a peep, I'm shallow. He is such a sublimely gifted footballer and my sons will be impressed.

He was good for business, the bar was packed.

Unlike many people I do not think he looks like Shrek, for want of a better phrase to describe him, I think the word would be "normal"

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Nick Ashman said...

From the BBC sport website!

'Wayne Rooney has arrived in Ibiza for a four-day stag do with 16 friends and family and the Manchester United striker has hired a £20,000 villa. Rio Ferdinand, John O'Shea, Steven Gerrard and Peter Crouch are thought to be meeting the England star out there along with boxer Ricky Hatton.'

Looks like you could be a bit busy still!