Monday, June 23, 2008

How's it going?

I have had a number of people ask for an update on how things are going, we do a regular monthly email update if you email me I will add you to the list. You can find my email on my profile page.

Well it's good, we are having a minimum of 100 people a week pop into the centre and it's not all about the free computers and internet. People love playing pool or having a go on the wii. We also have some great chats with people and have had the opportunity to pray with quite a few people. People also love just going into the prayer room and spending some quiet time in there. We occasionally help people with flights and other stuff. I am always surprised by the fact that the prayer room works and that no one openly thinks it is that weird. People know we are christians but because we don't preach at people or judge them they are fine. We are not frightened of saying what believe or offering an opinion if asked but because we have relationship with these guys it's okay. We had a stripper say to us the other day she felt a bit guilty about using our rooms, we told her not to be so hard on herself and that we would never stop someone using the room because of their profession. So I have quite a content feeling that after all the stress of the set up we are now doing exactly what we intended to do; that is provide a great place for the workers of San An to connect and hangout. We haven't done a lot of sexual health stuff yet but that will come in time.

The street work has become increasingly busy, thanks for all your comments and advice on prostitutes, it's good to gather thoughts online and I must admit one of the most helpful comments sections I have ever had on the blog. We are just going to tread lightly and gently and see what happens. At some point we might need an intentional plan but right now we will just continue to explore a number of options.

Increasingly we take drunks home in the vomit van as usual we are getting busier and busier with this. The teams are great for talking with holiday makers and taking prayer requests. We have great relationships with many of the workers although as usual there are some who won't talk to us and probably think we are just some weird cult. Thats okay I understand how they could feel that way. There are enough people who do like us and respect what we are doing. We have beach cleaned, given out oranges, danced in a number of clubs which has all been great. Oranges have gone really well this year one of our teams even went and bought some cherries which people loved. I have done a few prison visits, dropped some burnt out workers at the airport and a few other bits and bobs which has been all good.

We seem to have got a much better community rhythm this year so weekends are very chilled and give us plenty of time to hang out together, have fun and recover. I definitely don't feel so tired this year.

I could write loads of stories about stuff that has happened but increasingly I don't want to. Maybe this will change. The boys finish school this week so that will make our schedule a little easier.

Still trying to find a balance with blogging I have been happier about my blog over the last few weeks so will keep going with it.

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