Tuesday, June 17, 2008


We have a DJ friend, who regularly has a set at Space – one of the major clubs in Ibiza – and he really likes for people from 24-7 to go when he is playing – to pray and worship God in that setting. A fair proportion of the 3000 people there during the day will have been up clubbing all through the night and will have taken pills or cocaine to keep them going, others will be having as much fun without the chemicals.

A few years back we had the strange experience of dropping the boys of at the school and going straight on to a session called ‘Fake’ at Space (9.30 in the morning!) This was a predominantly gay event and so unfamiliar to anything that I am used to.

As we sat down for a bit, we watched men in high heels and make up, other blokes wearing diamond studded dog collars. I stood next to a man wearing a skirt in the gents always a little weird. A couple of older guys tried to crack on to me! In the main room, there was a very strange and sexually explixit act going on on the stage.

My own prejudices jumped out at me and I had to remind myself, that God passionately loved everyone in Space as much as he loved me, – absolutely no difference.

I am constantly struck by Gods passion for people.

He feels the same passion for the man I say propped up against a car park wall, snoring and stinking of beer as I drove home.

He feels the same passion for me.

He feels the same passion for the three girls we took home tonight who had taken to much khetamine.

He feels the same passion for my wife Tracy

He feels the same passion for the gangs of alcohol fuelled groups of men and women walking through the west end wearing the minimum amount of clothing possible.

He feels the same passion for my sons, Ellis and Dan

He feels the same passion for the couple having sex right on the main walk along the seafront at 6.00 in the morning.

He feels the same passion for the people I used to go to church with

He feels the same passion for the guy who can hardly stay on the pavement at 9 in the morning who when I ask him if he knows where he’s going just says ‘anywhere I can get another drink’

He feels the same passion for people calling out for more of his Holy Spirit

He feels the same passion for the girl throwing up in the street

He feels the same passion for the cleaner who will clear it up while she’s sleeping .

He feels the same passion for the guy with the wild staring eyes, who is still dancing thanks to whatever he’s taken to keep him awake.

He feels the same passion for the guy who sold him whatever he’s on.

Jesus had words of contempt for people who looked down on other people’s lifestyle choices – thinking that they were of greater worth because in their eyes, they’d got it right

I can’t make judgements on people because they live a different way to me

I need to see people as God does – people he loves passionately, just as he loves me.


lisa said...

I like this post, Brian.

Tanya Heasley said...

That would make a great sermon.

Dave Carrol said...

Brian that was amazing. Last night we had a meeting for those in Ontario Canada who are passionate about 24/7 Prayer and Chris Jones showed the short film about your ministry there.

it was excellent... I have really enjoyed reading your blog and pray from the great white north for what God's up to in Ibiza!

Bless ya man

amy said...

Our ibiza team had a prayer time this evening and a few people on the team had read this post earlier in the day and we were really inspired by it, we were praying that we as a team would have that passion for people! and were also praying for you guys, so be encouraged! looking forward to getting out there soon!


Anonymous said...

Yes God loves the sinner but hates the sin, hard to differenciate the two sometimes