Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It's not all bad!

I went back to the hospital yesterday morning, thankfully the guy who we had dropped of was feeling a lot better. I drove him back to San Antonio and through a series of elimination we found his hotel. All his friends were sitting outside very worried and they had just started to sort a taxi to go to the hospitals.

The guy was and probably is very shaken, I think this disturbs me more than most things, seeing people who have been beaten up. It wasn't his fault he was the victim of a crime and having been beaten up myself in the past, you feel your manhood has been dented. It's just not what you expect to happen you always have this picture in your mind that if you really had to you could defend yourself. When that doesn't happen you can feel broken.

I guess brokeness is something we see a lot of, people get broken by the drinks, the drugs, the violence. I know many times that it is their own choice but that doesn't make it easier to witness.

On Sunday night these two girls were in such a state and all the coherent one wanted to do was phone her mum. Unfortunately phoning your mum in tears from a hospital on holiday probably doesn't do a lot to give her a sense of peace. Anyway i spoke to her and all she said was "I just want you to get her home safe to her hotel" and thats what we did.

No matter how much people do this to themselves, they are still someone's daughter or son.

The other thing that I have had to say to myself and want to emphasise to you is that the majority of people come here and don't get robbed or end up puking and wetting themselves down some alley way. The majority come here and have great cheap fun holiday. We deal with the more desperate cases and I mustn't allow generalisations to creep in when in it comes to the majority of people in the West End.

The picture I sometimes paint is the one that we have made a choice to be around, thats okay, but please, this is a beautiful place.

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Paul said...

wow brian... beauty and brokeness together... kinda like jesus on his journey. I bless you and the tribe in ibiza as you walk it out.