Wednesday, July 23, 2008


On Saturday we will be driving to Provence for a two week holiday, a long ferry then a pleasant drive. My children are bound to come out with inevitable phrase “are we there yet?” we have to work hard at getting them to enjoy the journey.

I have spent the last few years with the realisation that sometimes I can be living for tomorrow without enjoying today. Waiting for all my dreams to come true.I could spend ages looking into the distance and hoping to get there, so focussed on what is ahead I don't enjoy what is happening around me. I know we need dreams for the future, vision even plans but they can sometimes put me into a state in which i lack contentment with the here and now.

I think you spend a lot of your early years wishing you were older and then you get older and spend your time wishing you were younger!

In all of this, some bad, some good, I can forget to enjoy the journey.

If there is one thing I am finding out it is this cheesy little saying “the journey is as important as the destination”

And not only that but I have a deeper realization that God is with me on the journey. Reassuringly I do not journey alone.

In Joseph Conrads book "Heart of Darkness" he says "we live as we dream alone" the more i think about that the less I agree. We dream alone but we don't live alone, life is best shared.

We don’t journey alone, I'm trying to enjoy the journey.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this Brian, enjoying the journey is so is recognising that we do journey with others, life is about sharing, stories, friends, laughter, little things :)

Also want to say thanks for the little podbean, i listened last night to no.3 about 'Sometimes i wake up... ' it was good for me to hear.