Thursday, July 10, 2008

Rhythm Has Your Two Hips Moving

RHYTHM is my hardest word to spell I remember this little saying to help me, Rhythm is also the hardest thing to get right when you live a semi nocturnal life.

I am not finding it hard to blog at the moment, just charging about loads and trying to manage my time better.

I am swimming everyday and doing weights, I have dropped below the 15 stone barrier, I still have love handles so it will be a few months before I post a photo. I am finding that the exercise helps clear my head.

We have also put two chairs out on our front patio, so I sit there every morning and read my bible and pray, then in the evenings I sit down with Tracy out there. Like a young hip and happening couple I smoke my pipe and we play backgammon or scrabble. It's frustrating because Tracy always wins at scrabble so I am trying to concentrate on backgammon. I also feel like I am getting enough time with the boys which is good.

I also meet with Bruce every two weeks just to chat about my thought life and spiritual discipline, plus doing some reading of a few christian books.

The only thing I am not doing is painting, I have two or three blank canvases.

This rhythm of exercise, spiritual discipline, accountability and quality time alone with my wife and children is really sustaining me. I know it's obvious but you can soon get so caught up in the work that you almost forget about yourself. Someone commented that I seemed a lot more relaxed this year and I agree with them.

The surprising thing is that in the middle of all this the work is going great, we are busier than ever, have more conversations than ever, pray with more people and the centre is going brilliantly.

At the end of the summer Tracy, Bruce, Helen, Ellis Dan and myself are all going to head for Ireland and England for a break, we are going to do a training come inspirational day in Ireland and then hang out at the essex boiler room.

This will also contribute to our rhythm of rest, by the time we leave for Ireland in October we will have been on the street 4 nights a week since May, we will need the bigger rest.


john heasley said...

What is the little saying for remembering how to spell rhythm?

James Godward said...

Alright Brian
This rhythm thing sounds good man!
Can't wait for you guys to come thurrock in october! Also can't wait to come out there!
Keep up the good work

Brian said...

cheers james it will be good to have you out here,

John: Read the title of the post!!!!!!!