Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fear and trust in Ibiza.

As quickly as you can get up you can get down. Life goes well and life goes bad.

It's easy to lose focus whenever you experience something negative, it bugs me how easily a negative experience can get into your head.

We were out tonight and got asked to take a guy home to his hotel, he was drunk and his hotel was within walking distance, so Bruce and I walked him home. It started to go wrong almost straight away, he was swearing at people, real filthy swearing, using the "C" word etc... Bruce and I kept apologising to people and thankfully no one over reacted, or actually just reacted, and we got him back to his hotel.

Then as we walked him through the doors he took a full on swing at the glass and punched right through it, he was pretty badly cut and bits of the glass cut Bruce's arm. I got glass on me but no cuts which probably means I am thick skinned. He then ran towards some girls and started dripping blood near them, it was at this point we called security and they got involved. The whole incident only lasted about 30 seconds. We left him with the security guys.

It disturbed me, fear got into my head, i started to think "what on earth are we doing putting ourselves and others in this situation?" This stuck with me for a couple of hours but eventually it passed.

Fear is the opposite of faith, if fear gets into my head my trust dips. There's a lot of fear out there and I need to trust God that everything will be okay. Of course this doesn't mean hard times won't come and that we should act irresponsibly but when it's out of your hands you just have to trust. I have this thought on airplanes a lot "God I trust you that this plane is going to make it, but I also trust you if it doesn't"

I'd be lying if i told you i never got frightened by what we do, or that I never lay awake at night worrying about my wife or the teams out on the streets. I do find some of this stuff frightening in it's level of unpredictability.


Seán - The Huddle Bar said...

What a difference between this post and the previous one. Kris baptism story (I don't know him, but congratulations) was so uplifting in it's simplicity and purity compared with your most recent event. I suppose it shows we all have the power to be good and bad in us and it's how we deal with it that matters. Anyway, welcome back and keep up the great work.

Brian said...

Yeah it's weird isn't it seán I guess i need to focus on the good not the bad.

Brian said...

Yeah it's weird isn't it seán I guess i need to focus on the good not the bad.