Monday, August 18, 2008

Ibiza Baptism

Yesterday about 20 of us went to the beach for a baptism

We baptised Kris who has been coming to Ibiza for years, he hooked up with a 24-7 prayer team in 2003 and each year a variety of people have loved him and nudged him nearer to the kingdom. His mother and family have prayed for him for years and last year he finally gave his life to Jesus.

It was such a blessing because Kris lived with us for 4 month last summer and he became practically one of the family, he's like a brother to Ellis and Dan it has been so good to be part of his journey and walk through his decision to follow Jesus with him. We've spent many hours in conversation through his messy moments and his good moments but mainly we just cooked for him, prayed for him and lived as christians in front of him.

He asked Tracy and I to baptise him, it was an honour and very emotional for both of us, when we moved here this is the sort of thing we dreamed of.

Here we are entering the sea, Ellis and Dan came as well to get the Jelly Fish, but I still got stung! We had to get beyond the seaweed so thats why you can't see everybody else.

What a moment, I cried as we did this, the old is gone the new has begun.

We left the sea happy and with a growing sense that what we are doing here is right but it takes time.

This final picture sums it up, we are called to embrace people and show his love, it's not about preaching it's about blessing, it's not about judging it's about caring, Christ stands with open arms to this world and so must we.


alamedero said...

Yay Kris!

Yay God!

Fantastic news.

We met Kris in 2004 and are thrilled to hear news of his new life and the place he has with you.

Mel Wiggins said...

That last picture of Kris and Tracey looks like something out of the movie 'Cocoon' really do punch above your weight dude;)

Neal said...

Fantastic News! What a wonderful post! You have made my day!

Diane said...

Brilliant news - well done Kris if you read this!

Tray you look like a model!!!

kiwipaddy said...

awesome ... really encouraging!