Monday, August 25, 2008

A few introductions

I have a few new blogs to introduce, the first is Bruce who moved out here to work with in May, Bruce has committed to being here for 3 years! He was blogging from his phone but then he found out how much it was costing, his last post is from Tiesto!! I think he will be back soon blogging from home not his flash camera....

We also have Michael who is working with us for 3 months, he is then going on to be a club chaplain in Bournemouth! Check out his life here so far.

We then have Katrina who is here for 5 weeks, she wrote a great post on a day in the life of a 24-7 person here in Ibiza. Read it here.

These three blogs should give you a good picture of life here, along with Helens blog we are a very blogged about little community.

I have been reading another great blog by a guy called Dave in Canada, I like what he has to say.

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Dave Carrol said...

Hey thanks Brian. Hope to meet up with ya when you're in Cambridge in October.