Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Crisis management

so Helen and I where out on the street tonight, it was very quiet and we started to think about going home. First we thought we would go say hi to some friends who work at one of the bars we know. Whilst standing outside they had to eject a guy who had to much to drink and was starting to wind people up inside. Then out came his girlfriend they had an argument in the street. It transpired he had been so drunk he had started touching other girls in the bar inappropriately.

We just watched this unfold.

Then the girls who he had touched came out and ran up to him and just started to beat him up, it was a pretty drunk fight most punches missed. Then some guys started to steam in as well so we ran over and got him out of the fight, thankfully we had a friend who used to be a doorman who helped us. I walked the guy up the road towards his hotel away from his attackers when the group of girls and lads came charging after him for more, punches and kicks flew all over the place none really landed. The guy I was helping just ran off.

I then got to the girls who where beating him up and they told me they had just finished a 6 month tour of Iraq and had come away to unwind. He had definitely picked the wrong girls to fondle!

Anyway they all dispersed and then the guys poor girlfriend came looking for him, she was in such a state wandering crying on her own, so we helped her look for her man who was obviously out of breath and slightly bruised when we eventually found him. Whilst we were talking with them trying to get them back to their hotel, their over friends came out of the bar with one girl who was completely wasted. We left our doorman friend with the beaten up guy and his distressed girlfriend and bunged their friends and the wasted girl into the van and quickly got her home to her hotel.

We then got a call from our doorman friend, the soldier girls had come back with their friends and beaten this guy for a third time, he had run off again abandoning his girlfriend again. They had even started to try and beat her up. So we went looking for him I drove around all the back streets to no avail, although he eventually showed up and we managed to get them both back to their hotel slightly bruised and upset but safe. The beaten up guy is going to have to do some explaining in the morning!

I don't think I have adequately described how wild it all was, never did we feel unsafe just concerned. You have one vulnerable girl wandering around on her own looking for her boyfriend, you have some rightfully distressed soldier girls seeking vengeance, one beaten up drunk guy and a wasted girl who can't walk to get home. Sometimes it feels more like crisis management than anything else.

Anyway I am home now and have a parents meeting at a nice coffee shop near the school in 4 hours, never could two worlds be so different.

I'm going to bed......


Anonymous said...

great post. the contrast between two worlds is so true on so many levels...

Dave Carrol said...

so astounding how completely different worlds happen at the same time.

culture... choices? Chance? interesting how we find ourselves in such different circumstances than even our neighbors on our own street sometimes.