Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Still out and about

In case you are wondering we are still out on the streets 4 nights a week. It's much quieter although we are still very busy. We have much more time to talk with workers and they are not so rushed, which is superb. We have made some good friends this year and it's been great to find out more about people and feel the warmth that people have for us on the street.

The centre is still going well some days are quieter than usual but it is still very worthwhile being open. I spent most of yesterday afternoon with a guy who had lost his passport and wallet trying to sort him out. This involved feeding him, giving him some money for the bus and getting him on his was to the consulate in Ibiza town.

We walked the streets last night and ended up sitting talking with two lovely girls who were our on holiday. They were very open and Michael was able to just chat and listen to one of them who had recently been through a bereavement. We often find people like this, they just need someone to listen to them and make them feel safe enough so they can talk about the stuff that bothers them. I am often surprised by how many people say "I haven't had anyone to talk to about this" it's a lot of what we do. Listening.

We then got home a little after 4 and just as we got in the door the phone rang and we had to go back to the westend to help a girl who had been walking barefoot and stood on some glass. She was with another guy and it was some workers who had phoned us. This was a pleasant hospital run as she wasn't drunk and we got her in quickly, they stitched her up and we had dropped them both off at their hotel by 5am.

This would a pretty normal day, what I like about it is that when you work with people no day is the same.

Driving home this morning we were talking about other jobs we could do, I think I could be a road sweeper, a nurse, a hair dresser, a pub landlord or even a church leader.

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