Friday, September 19, 2008


Heard some really good stuff from a guy called Ken Mgreavy when I was in England, he's pretty old and has a lot of wisdom.

He said: "Teams stagnate and solidify when loyalty becomes more important than honesty"

I have seen this happen and know that it's actually quite an easy place to arrive at. You get one member who you all love and feel a tremendous amount of loyalty to and out of that love you can't actually speak the truth. If you do truth becomes questioned as disrespect or disloyalty. So you these stagnant teams that have ceased to move on and become locked in a way of doing or being because no one wants there honesty to break up a band of loyal comrades!

He also said "Leadership becomes possessive when suggestion becomes criticism"

You pour your life into something, you work hard at it, you put your own mark on it to the point where it is part of you. You start to own something that was never meant to be owned and then someone comes along and makes a suggestion as to how you could improve or where you are going wrong and it sounds like criticism. That could be me here in Ibiza just got to watch that I never become possessive of the work we do here. I think a good way to test your heart when it comes to ownership is to ask the question "could I give it away?"

I think that applies to possessions in general.

I like the New Living Translation version of 1 John 5: 21 Dear children, keep away from anything that might take God’s place in your hearts

I think this is true even of the things we build in His name


Mark Guille (Guernsey) said...

Great to finally meet up in Southampton - it really did feel like a taste of Home to me.

Have been reading very slowly through Brennan Mannning's Ruthless Trust and recently he was talking of the danger of our ministry replacing our relationship with our Abba, and standing naked before Him, stripped of our reputations, accomplishments, etc.
That can be liberating when we are not being very fruitful (like me?), but more of a challenge when we are being fruitful.

Will send an e-mail next week. May you continue to be blessed with surprises and questions.

john heasley said...

I think them points can be especially true of what we do in His name, I am sure their are churches everywhere that need to ask them two questions.

Mie said...

Hey, awesome post and so very true, thank you! So so very true. Thanks for sharing.