Thursday, September 18, 2008


Okay so I have had a longer break than intended but thats not all bad. After about 8 days of meetings with people in the UK I needed a bit of head space. I feel strangely refreshed and encouraged to keep going.

My reflections on the 24-7prayer movement I am part of are this:

1. It's more about people than structures
2. If our friendships remain strong then so will the movement
3. We can't box God in
4. There is more that is out of control than in control within the movement
5. We have a duty to be responsible for the communities that are forming
6. We can't control or monitor the prayer that is happening
7. We need to be the question not the answer
8. We need to always remember we do what we do for others not ourselves
9. Be the prayer
10. Have fun doing it

The stories are endless of what is happening around the world, I have an american friend called Eric who works in a coffee shop in Iceland and recently helped two brazilians become christians. Thats my favourite because it all sounds so random.

I'm back in the blog game, more tomorrow


Anonymous said...

Very good reflections of our meeting. You always amaze me, that a guy who wears strange T-Shirts (like the one in the auction) can post such good reflections;-)

Go for it Brian
love you Ibiza people

Sheena said...

I so wanted to be there this year but it wasn't to be. :o(