Thursday, September 04, 2008

Sorry for the lack of blogging.

It's been a very busy week. We have our last team of 9 people here and they are only here for a week, they also don't have a team leader, which is fine, but means we have to be much more involved and cram a lot more in.

I am heading off to England tomorrow for 10 days, speaking in Diss on Sunday morning and then having and international leadership team meeting Sunday night - Tuesday, then a 24-7prayer roundtable from Tuesday to Thursday, then our international gathering from Friday - Sunday. I am doing about 5 different sessions so have had a lot to prepare which has been very good for me but time consuming.

The boys started school today so it was weird getting up at 7am and talking to Tracy who was just going to bed after spending the night in hospital with a drunk guy who broke his foot.

The team gave out 50 kilos of oranges today! People love this little expression of kindness.
I think I'll talk about my deeper things when I get back, although I am hoping I can still blog whilst away.

By the way do you like the photo of Tom, my friendly little dog?


lisa said...

I like the look of this dog named Tom. We used to have a dog named Pete. And we've had a Harvey. He had a little Jack Russell wife named Bristol. I'm sure our dog's names are fascinating!

See you Sunday evening at the first of our meetings!

Kate Whyley said...

Tom isn't as scary as he looks - I like dogs now, Tom has redeemed them all;) Bring the kingdom to earth in all you speak about this week Brian. Thanks to y'all in Ibiza for an amazing lifegiving (lifesaving??) time. Will miss the conference due to practising golf skills - Ha!

kt said...

Awww, I took that photo :)
He's a great dog