Thursday, October 16, 2008

Canada is beautiful

Thanks to Chris and Catherine Jones and their wonderful family I had a superb time in Canada, got to see the niagara falls and spend 24 hours by a lake in Parry Sound, the conference was fantastic and I met a load of cool people.

Morning on the lake

more beautiful morning colours

Evening on the lake

The niagara falls

I will upload more photos tomorrow


Dave Carrol said...

Canada in the fall is the best. Colors are amazing

Really enjoyed meeting ya man

Carla said...

Wow - the photos look absolutely gorgeous. I totally jealous! xc

crazy daisy said...

you went there for work????
that really doesn't sound bad then... ;-)
keep enjoying!

Mie said...

Oh the Niagara Falls are awesome, aren't they! I loved the sound. I could have just sit there half of the day to listen to them.

Tanya Heasley said...

Those photos are soooo beautiful, they would make good paintings.

I can't tell what the temperature is like there, was it cold?