Thursday, October 09, 2008

Flying Tips

Well the seating issue went off really well, I sat next to a little old skinny lady.

It was a very pleasant flight I really love British Airways. Touch screen entertainment, pause your movie, watch one of nearly 200 programes to choose from, phenomenal.

I also found out that if you ask nicely they have the 12 year old single malt Glenlivet on board. I sourced a few which was great as it meant I only watched one movie and then fell into a warm little whiskey induced sleep for 4 hours! My little old lady friend told me that I hadn't been snoring which was a relief. I know your meant to drink loads of water when you travel but if you do that you just need to keep getting up to go the toilet and you don't get any sleep, the Glenlivet approach is the way forward. Expect a dehydration headache upon waking but it's nothing a paracetamol won't sort out also if you are being picked up by religious types (which I wasn't) clean your teeth and chew gum.

I am now very awake and have been since 6.30 this morning but it has been great. I am in this little apartment with a kitchenette etc, so I can eat my breakfast alone which is truly the best thing that could happen to me.

Got a meeting tonight which should be fun, don't know what we are doing today but the sun is shining and there are beautiful fall colours all over the place. I am staying in a town called Niagara on the Lake it is a wonderful place.


Alana said...

I believe your label should read "Oot and Aboot" for this trip. Enjoy Niagara on the Lake.

Mel Wiggins said...

I'm jealous. You're about 2 hours from my parents. Have a nice time, are you there for Thanksgiving?

hel-ann said...

the breakfast was he first thing a thought about when tracy told us about the apartement. hmmm cornflakes!