Thursday, October 23, 2008

More traveling.......

This evening we fly to England and then tomorrow afternoon we are off to N.Ireland which should be loads of fun. All 6 of us are going so it's a team road trip.

We had our last day in the centre with workers yesterday and it still had people turning up to hang out. When we get back we are going to be doing something on a Friday night for local Spanish children, probably just wii and pool but they have been asking us so we will give it a go. The other thing we will probably use the centre for during the winter is English lessons and a Sunday evening gathering, right now it's good to have a 10 day break and regain perspective.

On Saturday we will be in Lisburn doing a conference called Life on the Edge, looking at what it means to live missionally you can still book in here I am doing 3 main sessions, plus Tracy and I are doing a question and answer session and Helen and Bruce will be doing a session on Clubbing. Please come along, if you can't make all of the day the three sessions start 10am, 2pm and 7.30pm, I think the clubbing and Q&A will be at about 4pm.

On Sunday morning I am speaking at Northdown CFC their service starts at 11am, it's in Newtonards and then in the evening I am speaking at Strandtown CFC their service starts at 7pm and I think Johnny Parks is leading worship so that should be fun. Come along and say hello if you get the chance.

We head back to England on Tuesday to hang out with Robb and Sally and the guys from the Stanford Boiler Room they have a community meal on Tuesday nights which we are going to enjoy. On Wednesday morning Bruce and I will be doing a few sessions with some of the young guys from Thurrock Christian Fellowship and then in the evening we have a fundraiser at a restaurant called Las Iguanas, tickets are £20 per head and if you live anywhere near Lakeside you should pop along, it's just off the M25. You'll need to book in advance so send me an email if you want to come.

We have a few more chilled days until the Sunday when we are all speaking at the 3 different congregations of Thurrock Christian Fellowship Bruce will be in Tilbury, I will be in Grays and Tracy will be in Corringham.

We fly home on that Sunday evening, so if you are the praying kind please keep us in your prayers, it sounds busy but actually we are only doing speaking stuff on 4 of the 10 days we are away.

By the way do you think I should get one of these dogs?


Carla said...

Love that photo! xc

Tanya Heasley said...

I don't want to sound insulting but his face looks a bit squashed and the dog doesn't look too good either.

Only kidding! But you know what they say about dogs looking like their owners.

George Harris said...

Brian...both you and the dog look like you were meant for each other!
Have fun in Ireland and England mate. Say hi to Dave and Angie if you are speaking to them....

George Harris, Sydney.