Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Great break

The giants causeway is a wonderful place.

You need to check out Bruce and Helens blogs for some more snaps of our times away. I can only say it was fantastic, energizing and lots of fun. The best bit was the people, generous kind warm friends who gave us the space to relax and enjoy our time.

It also provided a great breather between the end of our long summer season and the beginning of our winter season. Two very different rhythms of life and sometimes quite hard to adjust to the contrasts. We are just as busy during the winter but in a more normal everyday kind of way, there is less adrenalin and working on the edges of tiredness, but our routines keeps us very active.

I have been a sporadic blogger recently, this has been deliberate I have felt the need to regroup and get my thinking cap on again. So I guess I am back into the groove.

Someone gave us a multi gym and I bought a punch bag so I am going to try and get in good shape this winter, the aim is 14 stones or less with my weight but also a little bit of tightening up on the loose bits of my body...... I might even go swimming.

Three books that I am reading are Rob Bells, Sex God and Jesus Wants to Save Christians plus Richard J Fosters: Life with God. I am enjoying all three.

Today I am very interested in the US elections, I am a bit of an Obama fan. Obviously I am not as clued up on it all as your average american but from a european perspective he looks good to me.

The break has been good, perspective has been gained and I feel that this new season will be as exciting as the one we have just been through.

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