Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Terminal 5

I am in terminal 5 at heathrow in London, it's a lovely terminal, if terminals can be lovely? Very spacious and everything got sorted real quick.

Well we finished on the streets this week, it just petered out, the centre is till busy so that will go on but thats the end of drunks and street walking for 2008.

Anyway just waiting for my flight to Toronto, hope I don't get an arm rest hogger next to me! Or a person who is a little to large for their seat and overflows into mine. This happened on the Ibiza flight to london this morning actually they fell asleep and started leaning on me. It was a bit cold on the flight so I enjoyed the extra body heat for a bit but eventually had to give them a little nudge.

I am nervous now that I have written this the lord will test me on the next leg of my journey... I repent for nudging.


Dave Carrol said...

Looking forward to meeting ya tomorrow night.

Anonymous said...

brian.....u make me laugh!!!! about ur flight from Ibiza to London. haha

ohhh.. makes me miss u...

heya.. enjoy toronto!!
and welcome to canada!

Wish u were here in BC!
Cheers matey.