Thursday, December 18, 2008

He's in the whispers

He wasn't in the fire, He wasn't in the quake, He's in the whispers.... I love this line from Bluetrees song God's noise. Sometimes I want to hear God in a loud clear voice but he's in the whispers. To hear the whispers I need to be still and quiet and I find that hard at the moment.

One of my greatness hindrances to listening is the noise in my head, it distracts me, it runs like a tape in the background constantly throwing out hundreds of questions and random thoughts.

At the moment my head is fried, the challenges we face are large. It's great to post some lovely photo's of the farm but getting up there is a challenge. We need to get our deposit back from our landlady which could be difficult. We need to raise money for relocation costs, we could do with 10,000 euros in the next month which is a little stressy. Alongside that our personal support has taken a major hit because of the pound against the euro, we get the majority of our money in pounds and the exchange rate is pants. December is not an easy time to get an increase in support or raise money for our mountain move. In the midst of all this it's easy to focus on these things and allow them to dominate your thinking, of course you have to be realistic but at the same time I know we are called to be here and that through the gentle whisper of God we are being led up the mountain. I have found that if God wants you to be somewhere he requires you to step out with wisdom and faith and then he tends to honour that step.

My father sent me an email this morning which said "God honours faith for faith honours Him" I like that and it encourages me greatly.

I'm going to get still and listen for the whispers...........

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