Friday, December 19, 2008


I was relaxing watching the BBC news last night when the weatherman was introduced and asked if bad weather was expected, his reply was "yeah".

I was furious, how could this happen? This wasn't Sky News or some regional show this was the weather man on the British Broadcasting Corporation, bastion of the Queens English and here he was saying "yeah"!!!!! I sat up from my post evening meal sofa slump and began ranting at the Television in fact I almost switched it off. This man has a great job, he's well paid, obviously educated, he's being broadcast around the world and somehow he is allowed to let the side down by saying "Yeah"?

Whatever happened to the word "YES"

Listen Mr Weatherman with great power comes great responsibility, man up, step up, represent your nation properly, you're not in the pub or on some american sit com, it doesn't even matter that you may be Welsh, your sovereign is the Queen speak her language, represent her well and whilst I am at it don't wear a checked jacket with a striped shirt, you wouldn't catch Prince Charles doing that!

My rage subsided and I said "When I am older I am going to be a grumpy old git" my son turned to me and said "You already are"


hel-ann said...

hahaha. what a scandal. on the bbc. how could that happen? the queen should denationalise him!

Tanya Heasley said...

Yeah, you are!!! ;)

Mie said...

hahaha :D Thanks for (sharing &) the laughs Brian :)