Monday, January 19, 2009

Internet Cafe

I am not enjoying the internet cafe experience, but here I am with a quick post!

The move has gone well, we are now living surrounded by boxes, but that is okay.

The electricity stopped working on Friday for 2 hours just as it was getting dark, Tracy got it sorted with our land lady in the end, there are a few teething problems. We have no hot water, which is okay for me but for the girls who have hair, it is really cold. Hopefully it will be fixed today. We should get internet by Thursday, but this is Spain.

Wood chopping is fun, thankfully someone bought us the chainsaw so we are making it happen big style. Don't worry we are not chopping down trees just cutting up the wood that has fallen over. With half a million square metres of land we have loads of fallen to keep us going.

Nearly shot a rabbit the other day, Bruce, the boys and I have got shots of at 6 in total but we have missed every time. Don't worry our day will come.

We have the kitchen sorted it's the only room with heating at the minute, and we have a few mice, nothing traps won't sort out.

The landladies husband is showing me how to prune our vines this week, he has already shown me how to do the pomegranates and fig tree.

The boys are happy and so is Tracy, we are just ploughing on.

Anyway I need to get back and cut wood......

keep praying


Mark G said...

God bless you as you chop. You are in our prayers.

Carla said...

Are you going to eat the rabbits when you shoot them? That's very hunter gatherer of you! xc

Anonymous said...

take note of the pruning of the vine .We have one at 217 and have no idea what to do

john heasley said...

It sounds like hard work, but exciting and alive, a lot of patience needed I suspect.

indya said...

It's so good to hear how it's going, hopefully I'll get to visit in the near future, I miss Ibiza! And all of you, of course ;-) said...

I hope you get your rabbit SOON!