Saturday, January 10, 2009

Next week

I'm going to make an advance apology for a lack of blogging.

We are moving to the farm on Wednesday, it's going to be a very busy week. Thankfully we have some friends from Northern Ireland coming out to help us, Stevie Smyth the leader of Northdown CFC, Chris Mahood our good friend who was with us in the summer and Brian Houston, no not the leader of Hillsongs but the excellent singer song writer from the emerald isle.

We have a lot of pressing needs, here they are in order of priority if you could help it would be great don't stress if you can't give, if your the praying kind please pray.

1. Internet connection: due to the remote location, we need a special system. As you are aware, a large amount of our work involves the co-ordination and running of teams; the internet is essential for making this happen. This will cost 1200 euros.

2. The property is 200 years old! We need one central wood burner which will heat the rest of the house; we are surrounded by forest, so once it is installed, there will be no further heating costs. Wood burner, cost and installation is 850 euros.

3. With the need for a large amount of wood we will need a chainsaw. This would cost 150 euros

4. Again, due to the remote nature of our property we will need a separate telephone line antenna which will cost 120 euros

5. In order that we can work the land and have enough equipment for others to work the land with us, we will need a selection of farming tools; these will cost in the region of 200 euros.

6. Although we will not become full time farmers, we would like to cultivate several of the fields; to do this effectively, we would need a reasonably hard core rotavator; this will cost 600 euros.

We are looking to raise 3200 euros very quickly. At this present time one euro equals one pound, scary......

Remember this isn't to fund Brians dream of living in the country but God's dream of having a place of respite, prayer and care here on the island.

If you have hope rather than fear in todays present financial climate please hit the donate button.

Please remember us this week......


Mark G said...

God bless you all with his fruit as you labour, and those who work with you.

I will look forward to Brian Houston's "Ibiza album"! That man is a star is the real sense of the word.

amy said...

Praying for you guys as you make the move this week!