Friday, January 30, 2009

limited access

So we are in the farm, and now we have internet. It's great but we have a limit of 5 GB download and upload per month, so it's going to be tight with 6 internet users in the house. We are going to have to ask guests not to use laptops etc.. thats ok. Still no phone but it is coming, I can at least skype but not with video.

I am going to cut down on images as well which I hope doesn't make my blog boring, we are working on a solution but this is the best we can do right now.

I am challenged by this way of life, its hard yet also very rewarding.


carlos said...

spain is now a communist state?


Anonymous said...

wow, I think it is great to experience limitations and to have to actually appreciate the allotment you are given rather than feeling entitled... too cool brian! paulomonk in the rockies