Wednesday, February 04, 2009

It's worth it

We are a few weeks in now.

What am I learning.

1. Sometimes you don't realise how much you appreciate things until you don't have them.

2. Other timers time you realise you had things in your life that you don't really need.

3. Haven! an interesting word. Your home is your haven that place where you go and escape to completely be yourself, once you share your home with others that sense of haven takes a while to be restored.

4. Sharing a house with people is completely different than having people stay in your house.

5. I don't miss television.

6. I am enjoying limited internet access.

7. I miss the telephone, I prefer to hear peoples voices over email.

8. Grace

9. Rabbits are tricky little things to shoot. I have shot at 6 rabbits and missed them all.

10. You have to ensure you don't lose a sense of family, we have created a family space in our large bedroom to watch DVD's and play games or just read.

11. Wood cutting at 4pm on a sunny day will result in mosquito bites. I had 20 bites plus sunburn.

12. I am better with an axe than a chainsaw.

13. Realistically moving here has been as tough as leaving England to move to Ibiza.

14. It's worth it.

15. To stop smoke blowing down your woodburner you need to keep your fire very hot.

16. Lemon trees and pomegranate trees have thorns.

17. Community living as an ideal sounds wonderful, community living in reality takes hard work.

18. It's worth it.

19. Growth is being forced upon me and I am happy with that.

20. Pushing a wheel barrow up a hill is good for the heart, being dragged down the hill by it filled with wood is bad for the back.

21. This place will be great for so many people on so many levels.

22. It's worth it.


Anonymous said...

mate sounds like an awesome (and I use the word with reverence) journey you guys are going on. A lot of simple yet stretching life lessons.
I wasn't able to get through to the prayer day in Lisburn when you were over .... we were doing outreach with our guys in Bangor that day ...... hope it all went rocking and your settling into the new place well and feelings God's favor in it

Let me know any prayer requests


Anonymous said...

brian...luv ur list & ur realness.

lisa said...

it's so good.

i know #13 will true for us when we one day move out onto the land from this town. we've already been here for 20 months and we're not close to starting to build yet. it will be a huge adjustment. but i'm sure it will also be worth it, just as it is for you all.


GoldDigger said...

Can't believe your on the farm! I can't even imagine what it must be like...thinking of you all often at the moment and look forward to the next time i see you. xx