Friday, February 06, 2009

This is my favourite job, wood splitting. My friend Sally took these photos I think they are great.

It's been a good week here on the farm, my best yet. I think the temptation is to run away with loads of ideas and dreams for the place, which are necessary and good, without first building a proper rhythm.

The words of the week for me are foundations and perseverance.

We've got to persevere but also we need to lay good foundations, without feeling the pressure of instantly needing to deliver a full on farm program. I checked yesterday and so far just through this blog there has been over £2000 from the donate button towards the move, which is absolutely fantastic. Thank you for giving, words can't really express how humbling it is to be help in this way.

Back to foundations, someone once gave me a great piece of advice "don't let other people live out their dreams through you" this hasn't happened yet but you do occasionally in life meet people who have lots of suggestions about what you should do and how you should use what you have been given, without any willingness to do it themselves.

Of course take advice, listen to counsel, implement wise suggestions, always be open to mature direction and correction, but always remember your own calling and God's specific task for you. Thats what I am learning.

In leadership you will get people who want authority without responsibility, you can't have authority without responsibility. People who sometimes just want to sit in an advisory role can want authority without responsibility, or even people without a role always want to tell you what you should do without actually wanting to do it themselves. Just thoughts.

The wood looks great once it is split. Thank you for journeying with me.


Anonymous said...

I love those pictures. It looks sunny and gorgeous on your farm!
I love splitting wood too, there is something very satisfying about it. The smell, then stacking it neatly... Must have inherited that from my dad who was a lumberjack in the Swedish forest in his youth. :-)

Keep up the good work!

Mark G said...

May God bless you with the right rhythm. Working with the divine rhytm, the seasons and that of your souls. Rest is also a creational gift.

Immanuel: God is with you.

Mark & Melissa