Monday, March 16, 2009

Break in

We had our centre in the west end broken into on Saturday night, they broke a window, stole the wii, the plasma screen, one computer, some petty cash and our stereo. Thankfully we are insured. I slept in the prayer room last night just because the whole place wasn't very secure, my dog accompanied me and we both had a great nights sleep.

In many ways it was a slap in the face moment for me, one that I needed, you may have noticed my lack of blogging recently. This has primarily been down to the fact that I have been really struggling at getting to grips with our new way of living, in all honesty I still am. It's not all farmer giles up here, it's hard graft and it's a little frustrating. We know the farm is a gift but it's like when we first moved to Ibiza, it took us nearly 18 months to get our westend centre sorted and our work on the streets going well. When people rock to help in the summer or hear me talk they don't see all of that, most are just pretty complimentary about what we are up to. Then in my own head I start to forget that it took graft to get this centre and street work happening, and believe my own rose tinted rear view of it all. It was hard to get the first level of what we do up and running.

Now we are on the second level I need to be patient get my head down and remember that advancement and building take time, if the foundations aren't right with the farm it will never work. I need to realise I may not get a great story from the farm for a couple of years but need to not be frustrated with that.

Kingdom building takes time, foundation laying takes time.

The centre will be fine, I am waiting to get the windows fixed, but I am also filled once again with a new resolve to push through to stick it out and see what happens.


chris jones said...

praying for you mate! glad you had a good sleep - that's classic.

Mie said...

Shame the centre was stolen into! Good you have insurance!

It's true the laying of foundations and kingdom building take time - things don't happen in an instant! *in a similar situation in life* (I don't I have a farm though! :))

Steve said...

Weirdly I am also now getting used to a lifestyle change of farming responsibilities. Coincidence or not? I'm not sure?!?