Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Summer Teams

We now have all our dates up for summer teams and we also have a prayer team coming out at the end of April. For all the information including costs and application forms just click HERE

Here's a little idea of what you would get up to if you came on a team.

We seek to care for the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the people that we meet and we do this by…

offering to pray with people,
cleaning up someone who’s vomiting,
helping vulnerable people – drunk, drugged, injured or alone - to a safe place,
listening to someone’s story or frustrations of the day,
celebrating good news and happy times with people,
taking someone who’s been injured to the medical centre,
sharing our faith and stories of God with those who are keen to hear
seeking to bring calm to agitated people and stressful situations
We practice a rhythm of breathing in and out – time spent with God breathing Him in, and time spent with others, breathing out the life of God.

While half of the team are out on the streets, the other half will be praying for them and the people they are meeting.

And there will be other times of prayer – individually, as a group, in different places and settings, including prayer and worship, dancing with hundreds of others in packed and energetic clubs…

Of course it is also sunny.......

We will also practice ‘ora et labora’- working prayerfully on the farmland, offering our physical labour to God as an expression of prayer.

If you or anyone you know fancies joining us, please get in touch.


The Journey said...

Mate, Cant beleive its that time already! recruiting Gods Ibiza army once again...A month and all the workers will be arriving! crazy how time flies!!!!

Sorry i had to cut you short earlier, A phone call came through and disconnected my feeble internet connection! I hate it.. Its a 3G connection which drops very easily.

Will be in touch soon...

Love to all

Carla said...

Feels like no time at all since you wound down from last summer... hope this one exceeds expectations :)