Friday, March 27, 2009


I've recovered from the bat attack and am now in England. I am doing a young leaders retreat in Norfolk and then on Monday we are setting up a board for 24-7Ibiza. Just trying to get more organised as we get bigger!!!

I am then off to ireland for few days and return for Tracy's brothers wedding in Sheffield.

Had a nice flight out on Ryanair last night, although I am still pretty well convinced that they should give people a body weight allowance.

You and your luggage should be weighed, this would be fairer.

Having said that I love Ryan Air it's great for Ibiza and I hope they keep it up next winter. The flight was full which is a good sign. For the past 3 years there have been no direct flights from Ibiza to the UK we have always had to travel via some other spanish airport. So Ryan air are a God send.

I'm enjoying electricity, water and fantastic internet connection.

I may have under packed I thought it was spring in the UK!

Had my first charity shop foray this morning, bought an Armani shirt for £3.00 which I will wear to the wedding, just got to find a tie and I'll be sorted. I like weddings.

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