Wednesday, April 22, 2009

300 of anything

It's that time of year again, in two weeks time our centre will open and we will start our work in the West End, just wondering if it will be as busy this year, due to the credit crunch!!!

Anyway the reason I write is that we always give out welcome bags to everyone who visits our centre, we fill these bags with all sorts of goodies to make people feel welcome, bring a smile to their face and also just to exhibit kindness.

If you have 300 of anything that we could put in a bag i would love to hear from you. Obviously I don't think we could fit any spartans in the bag, although I am sure if we did we would make some young ladies very happy.....

We always give away lighters, condoms and bibles, in previous years people have donated, sweets, perfume, lollies, CD's, tea bags etc...we'd love to do the same again so if you have 300 of anything we'd love to get our hands on them and give them away.

Speak to me, if anyone has a brain wave for something ultra groovy I'd love to know.

If there is anyone who lives near Costco or has a cash and carry card and would like to go shopping for me, I would love to hear from you, I have a list........


The Journey said...

Mate, did you contact UCB about getting 'Word for u today' (youth version) for the goodie bags? Just thought i'd remind you in case you'd forgotten as think that would be a really helpful thing to go in them.

Mark G said...

Prayer beads, prayer cords or even simple palm crosses (CMS do some bulk order Bangladeshi ones - happy to order). We have found these really appreciated in our prison work. Simple symbols in a non-word based culture. A polished stone, a shell - something to hold, look at and wonder why?

May you meet the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in the bars, beaches, streets, fields and homes this summer. God'd joy and tears be with you all.