Friday, April 24, 2009

Telefonica in Ibiza

We moved onto the farm at the beginning of January at which point we had the people from telefonica come and tell us they couldn't install a standard phone line but they would install a radio phone. Of course they never followed up, for the last 3 months it has always been "15 days", my mobile is weary....

So this morning they came to do the phone, as the man trundled up the hill in his little van my heart skipped a beat, but of course they once again disappointed, the man had come to install a normal phone and said "you need a radio phone", tell me something I don't know..... you plum.

This has to be the most incompetent company I have ever come across, with a customer service policy that is either non existent or written on a beer mat by two employees after a long wine fueled lunch. To deal with telefonica you need a psychiatrist, a counsellor, seven anger management courses, a large glass of wine, and some valium, plus a tape recording of the words "I am sorry I don't quite think you understood that". Not only have they cocked up the radio phone, which they now assure me they will install on 6th May, but when we moved from our old house we had the phone disconnected but they have charged us for February, March and April, even though we weren't living there!!!!! this isn't even a case of bad spanish they have english speaking people on the phones, although apparently you only need the English skills of a 5 year old to get the job..... To top it all off because we haven't paid the bill they have cut our phone and ADSL (broadband) off at the centre in town, one week before we open, without even telling us.

We have had one rep hang up on us and countless others promising things they fail to deliver on. I swear that when they get off the phone they just have a coffee and cigarette, forgetting you ever called. I bet they don't even have computer screens or note pads in front of them, just ashtrays, small coffee cups and a bowl of olives.

Anyway my prayer today is for a hostile takeover of telefonica and that they outsource all their call centres to bolivia and india. That they totally retrain their rude incompetent staff and change their antiquated third world method of dealing with things. Sorry thats not meant to be an insult to the third world. i swear sometimes things are easier to get done in Kenya than Spain.

Telefonica you suck....

Yes I am angry, and it's OK to be angry, I am going to get my gun and take my anger out on a rabbit......


Tanya Heasley said...

That's great anger Brian, expressed healthily.

Let it all out and write it all down, just make sure when you go shooting, to aim for just the rabbit!!!

Anonymous said...

I really hope Telefonica dont read this blog or you may never get anything connected!

BT in Spain said...


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BT in IBIZA said...

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