Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Public Toilets

On my travels over the last few days I have become more aware of the things that make me grumpy:

People who have not yet grasped how to use a toilet brush, I hate going to skiddy toilets, listen if it sticks to the side use the brush and sort it out, there is no excuse. People who don't flush at all!!!! This makes me gag. People who don't lift the seat and just urinate all over it, worse if you don't notice and sit down on it!.

Lateness, I don't like being late and don't like people being late. In all honesty lateness says to me "my time is worth more than yours"

British police who question you when you get of the plane from Belfast to Doncaster, last time I looked we were all part of the same nation. Funny I didn't see any police questioning people getting of the train from London in Sheffield station! They are also rude, if I hadn't have been in a hurry I would have been obstinate and not bothered answering them.

The price of beer and whiskies in hotels, how can they get away with this?

People who glare at noisy children, my children aren't noisy but it angers me when other people tut at noisy children, children are children let them be.

People who don't open doors for people, a little kindness goes a long way, and some doors are heavy, help them for Petes sake.

Likewise when some is struggling to get a bag off a train give them a hand.

People who moan about immigration, there's a lot of that about in the UK, didn't Jesus once say : "I was a stranger and you welcomed me in"

Beer with a slice of lime pushed into the top, ok if you live in Mexico but it doesn't work in Sheffield.

Fake cats, these seem to be all the rage, my question is why?????


Big Chris said...

they dont urinate?
dono dont quite get it myself! fake dogs on the other hand.....

chris Jones said...

fake cats????? wtf?

GoldDigger said...

OY Sheffield is great! ;)

I am Diane said...

Oh Brian you are so wonderfuly human! You write all those amazing things about prayer, which I was going to suggest you put into a book as they are just too awesome to stay on the web.
But then you moan like that about normal things that everyone moans about.
You are such an encouragement to us all.
Love the cats! Well not really.