Wednesday, May 20, 2009

33 Hours

Thats how long it took me to get home from Kansas yesterday!!

Had a great time lots of meetings and fantastic conversations. I must admit to feeling a little tired this morning. I flew from Kansas, via Washington, London and then Dublin, 3 capitols in one day!!!

I don't know how Jack Bower manages it?

I am excited about the future of 24-7 prayer this movement keeps going advancing and surprising me. I love to be connected with so many great people who are doing cool stuff all over the planet.

As a movement we will be 10 years old next year and believe me the time has flown by.


Duncan Donuts said...

Doesn't clicking your heels and saying "There's no place like home" work anymore?

Carla said...

Your such a jet setter! I heard Pete called you yesterday while you were preaching to 14000 via the 24-7 Shorts at the Big Church Day Out!