Thursday, May 21, 2009

Carbon Footprint

My contribution to the destruction of the planet was 2.88 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere on my recent trip. If I am correct I need to plant 3 trees to offset this!!!

Well we saved a tree the other day, could have cut it down but didn't. Planted an orange tree, which is Helen's, but I bought it for her birthday. Do potatoes count? What about onions?

Solar panels and rain water in my cisterns must also be a contribution. Eating my own eggs and saving on packaging is good. Recycling all our plastics and stuff like that is helpful. Taking boxes to the supermarket rather than plastic bags.

Using dead wood for heating purposes, urinating in the bushes must also be of some good.

I don't know if there is a lot more I can do, what about wind power?

What scuppers me is the flights and travel, if everyone lived as I do we would need 4.31 planets for it to be sustainable!!!!!!


Evan Heasley said...

Hello Brian,

The more I look into global warming the more sceptical I become, there is a lot of evidence to support the case for it but on the other hand there is a lot of evidence the other way. People say wind energy is good but the energy in producing these turbines is considerable, and the wind isn't always strong enough to produce energy so you still have to have conventional power stations. Many people will disagree with me, but it would probably make sense for people to study and look at the facts instead of listening to so called expert scientists. We only have to look at evolution and the arguments made by scientists for that, according to them the evidence is incontrovertable but most christians will argue against it.

dave wiggins said...

I wouldn't worry about it to much Brian. I'd say you're already using lots of wind power during your day ... the noisy sort though.