Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I see a generation!

I was listening to a christian song the other night and one of the lines was " I see a generation, rising up to takes it place" possibly hoping to prompt visions of the church and young people within the church rising up to take there place.

I'm not to sure I agree with that, I see a generation rising up to takes it's place at the bar...

I see a generation of young people looking for intimacy and closeness in casual sexual encounters

I see a generation numb it senses to a bleak future with excessive drug use

i see a generation rising up to make as much money as possible at the altar of materialism whilst they worship the gods of celebrity.

I'm just trying to be realistic.

I see a church generation that is neutered in it's response to these problems. A largely female grouping who desperately want just to rise up and meet a nice christian man, but as age creeps up on them the options narrow and they slip away either leaving the church or settling for the mediocre. I see a male generation who can give so little because the pressures of life and work squeeze there time out and leave them with dregs to give others......

I see a generation that is failing, both in and outside of the church.

Something needs to change.

It's been a heavy night on the street.......................


Mie said...

Amen! We need a change!

Anonymous said...

i think this is a little harsh as you run into danger in giving sucha broad overview and clumping a whole generation in the same way.
What about the young adults who pay to come and serve God and help you and your team each summer in Ibiza are they not rising up to take there place?

I see young people taing their stand for God all the time in so many ways , young people who are seeking first the kingdom of God in their lives, but i also other searching for more out of life in all the wrong places and what needs to change is what are we as christians and the church offering these people not just condemning.

Also we are so quick to come down hard on the younger generation i think those statements could apply to your own generation too.

I think we need to be setting the generation coming up a good example and take our place in mentoring and pouring into them so that they can become and continue to be a generation that are taking their place.

I understand in your context that most young people you meet on the streets in ibiza fit the sterotype you have gave but i think we just need to look at each one of them individually and think past all the selfishness, drugs sex and materialsim what was God plan for their life when he was creating them in the seclusion of their mothers womb what was his intentions for their lives!!

Brian said...

thanks mie you caught my sentiment. Anon Sometimes it's good to write in generalizations, I don't see the present generation as particularly different from my generation, I think all of my statements apply to most generations from the last 40 - 50 years. Yes there is hope all around in and out of church. I'm not sure a two week team in Ibiza is a generation rising up to take it's place.

I do look past the behaviour, my rant was probably more to do with yet another jingoistic worship song.

Mark G said...

Brian, I am with you completely!

I can not say more without going into a rant. Keep up the good work; keep being real!

You inspire me to keep going.

Jonny Nott said...

My understanding of the words of this song would be that each of the statements in the different verses are prophetic, i.e. talking about what is being hoped for or foreseen.

Maybe therefore the sentiment of the song is that the current landscape looks very bleak, but hopefully a coming generation will be inspired to make a change?

Depends which way you look at it I guess. Maybe the writer of the song shares your sentiments exactly?