Monday, May 04, 2009

Whispering hope

This is a great painting by an artist called William Chill it's called Whisper

William says "My paintings explore the relationship between the empirical and the mystical. I see abstractions and color fields as meditations on experience. If the paintings are real, then the experience was real - the paintings are evidence." If I had the cash I would buy one of this guys paintings.

There is a great line from gabriel and the vagabond a song by Foy vance. The story goes that the angel Gabriel stops and meets a vagabond he shows the man love and salvation and gives him hope

The next verse goes like this:

"When the vagabond turned around well without a sign
Gabriel just smiled and disappeared
Then he looked to the crowd and they were laughing out loud
But he could not see them fore tears
When his vision came round
There was a young girl on the ground
I knew she was finding it hard to cope
She never was a fighter until he laid beside her
And gently whispered hope"

I love that line at the end "gently whispered hope"

I guess for me it's not about preaching, or trying to win someone over to my ideology it's about gently whispering hope. We just want to be a gentle whisper here, a whisper of goodness and compassion. A whisper that says don't worry we'll get you home, don't worry we'll feed you, don't worry we'll listen, a whisper of kindness here in the westend.

It's not hard, it's my call.

Whispering hope.

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Be hope bringers this summer.