Tuesday, May 05, 2009

And so it begins.....

An overly dramatic title for an underly dramatic day! We opened our centre and had our first evening out on the westend today.

It went really well, we had about 8 people drop into the centre, which considering we started a week later last year and only had one person on our first day, is a massive improvement. People just coming to use the computers and one guy posted a prayer request.

Helen and I then had an evening out on the Westend, it wasn't really busy a lot of the bars are still closed, so we left at about 2am, nice to have an early night. It was cool to talk with old friends from last year, it felt like most people where gearing up slowly and hoping for a busy summer. I am praying that we all have a good one this year, that the euro doesn't put people off and that others still fancy coming to Ibiza.

Was just saying to one of the guys tonight, this will be our fifth summer in Ibiza, for me that is amazing. I don't know why it should be but really my expectations of what we could achieve here have been more than met, I love the streets in many ways I feel born to be out on them, although this year, to preserve our sanity and relationship, Tracy and I will only be out 3 nights a week between us instead of the usual 4! We'll still do two nights each but we will do one of those two nights together, which will be fun.

The farm has obviously changed things, but not to drastically. A few people told us we looked healthy!!! probably because we have been working outside and naturally caught a bit of the winter sun, which is all good.

Well I have been up since 7am which is actually only 19 hours ago and I don't feel too bad, although I think it's time to hit the sack.

Goodnight and please stay with me on this journey.....


Mark G said...

Here's to the journey.....a couple of blessings....

The faithfulness of God
to keep you safe.
The friendship of Jesus
to bring laughter on your way.
The fragrance of the Holy Spirit
to be your refreshing.

(And I love this one)

Blessed be your feet
that feel the beat
at the heart of life
and move you on
in dancing prayer.

The Rhythm be with you!

dave wiggins said...

Have a great season people. Keep us informed on what's going on and we will praying for you in your work.

Kt Stevenson said...

I like this title... Epic. Thats what you're doing out there. The overall vision is like the plot of some epic film like Lord of the rings, but the journey is small steps, just one foot after the other. No day is undramatic, as every day pushes and brings you closer to the 'end' dream

x KT