Tuesday, June 16, 2009

22 hours

Had a 22 hour day yesterday, it was a little bit tiring.

It's great to have my friend Simeon out here, to help out around the farm, he is a real God send and in all honesty it was all getting to be a bit too much, farming, teams, centre and streets. Simeon has provided relief, fixing the road, moving stuff around, filling up the water butt from the well and more.

Two of my friends from the westend came up to help me knock down a wall yesterday afternoon, which was pretty hot and sweaty work, whilst we knocking the wall down we found loads of syringes stuffed in the wall, one of them was even full!!!!

Eventually we ended up on the street with our new team from Ireland, who are fantastic, I started of with Ruth from Cork and we got called into a bar were there was a young girl in the toilets puking all over the place, Ruth went in whilst I stood outside the cubicle in the girls loo trying to not look to uncomfortable. After sitting on the toilet floor with her and wiping her puke away Ruth eventually managed to get her out so that we could help her get home. She was a petite 19 year old girl, who was 6 months pregnant on holiday with her mother, grandmother and her little sister. She was completely wasted, couldn't remember her hotel name, had lost her family and had no charge in her phone, Ruth and I sat with her for a while, I had to go drive the van for a few other drunken situation, so I left Ruth and Clare with the young lady. In the end Ruth and Clare sat with this girl listening, talking, prompting, trying to discover her hotel, they walked her around the bay looking for prompts until after 3 hours they found her hotel. It was all they did for the evening but an amazing piece of work, salvation is about saving, these girls brought literal salvation to a lost, drunken, pregnant, 19 year old last night, who was so vulnerable anything could have happened.

Got home at 5 this morning...

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