Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I don't think I did last night justice...

As well as the pregnant drunk 19 year old, we also took home a guy to his hotel who was really drunk. Helen and Steven took him up to his room with his friend and he said "I just need to use the loo" they took him into the bathroom and left him and he then excreted in the Beday!!!! Whilst they were doing that I sat with a guy in the lobby whose drink had been spiked I got him some water and calmed him down.

We then went to pick up the two girls who had dropped the pregnat girl off at the hotel, we found a guy who had just given up walking about 500 metres from his hotel so we gave him a lift back. On our way home we saw a load of prostitutes trying to get a guy to come with them I lent out of the widow and said "don't do it mate" we saw him a few minutes later and he hadn't done it!!! One of the prostiutes called me sexy and offered me some business, of course I said no. It's disturbing, you can pray with these girls one minute and the next they want offer you a blow job.

We then prayed for a bit and finished up in the centre, on our way we saw a girl sitting with her head in her hands, when we asked her if she was okay she said "yes, my friend has just gone up that alley to have sex with someone I am just waiting for her" We left her to wait.

We drove a little longer and saw a girl asleep in some bushes with a Spanish guy trying to get her home, he didn't know her, and was way to touchy, so Helen and Clare got her home and got rid of the Spanish guy.

Hopeless wouldn't be the word but you can see how occasionally it creeps up on you!!

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