Friday, June 26, 2009


So today Farrah Fawcett died of cancer thats is sad, for her family and those who knew her, a long drawn out illness is harsh on everyone involved.

I feel also for the old ladies in Kisli district of Kenya who are being burnt alive for being suspected witches, it's horrific.

11 people died in another bomb blast in Bagdad this morning, more son, daughters, fathers, mothers slain, it's a painful world.

Death is one of the few certain things in life, it's horrible when it comes quickly or can be prevented.

I'm sad that Michael Jackson is dead, his children have lost a father and his music gives me a soundtrack to help remember one or two of my early teenage girlfriends. My sadness will be fleeting because I didn't know him.

Then I think of the fact that every 3 seconds a child dies on our planet of a preventable, curable disease, and I wonder "where did we all go wrong?"

Every year 15 million children die of hunger, why does that not shock me!!!

And today the millions cry, we eat and drink while tomorrow they die, fact is fiction, Tv reality!!

We've lost perspective, totally lost it, media driven celebrity driven culture, has scored a massive victory today all on the back of a troubled genius, who may have been odd but was just the father of 3 kids.


lisa said...

I suppose that the reason we all pause at the news of MJ's death is that we all knew him, in that we all knew his music, his face and far too many personal details of his life. The fact that so many millions, billions around the world all knew him in this way, makes it a piece of community news in the biggest sense. Most of us don't know any of the children who died of hunger or preventable disease today. I think we need to get out of our protected places and engage with some of them.

Mie said...

I echo what Lisa said. Problem is we don't know well enough, and the media doesn't bring it close enough for the world to care enough. :/

Sam Mooney said...

well said big man